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Previous Issues of the This is Growth Newsletter

TIG #57: The Ultimate CSM Interview Process

Unlock the secrets to hiring top CSM talent for your team!

TIG #56: 3 Experiences To Transform Your Customer Success 🚀

Elevate your customer connections through podcasts, masterclasses, and videos – embrace the future now!

TIG #55: How To Fix Your Downgrade Problem

Struggling with downgrades? Discover smart strategies to prevent and address downgrades effectively.

TIG #54: Motivating Your CSMs in 2024

Galvanize your Customer Success Team to smash their targets and deliver value for customers in 2024.

TIG #53: Simplifying Customer Success

Over-engineered CS Teams get lost in processes and forget their goal is to help customers realise value. Here’s how you simplify to drive better results.

TIG #52: Unlock More Revenue Retention with Partners 🔐

Helping customers get value from your product is hard when they don’t have the right resources in place. Here’s how partners can help.

TIG #51: How To Scale Customer Success And Improve Quality (at the same time)

The technology to help you scale your CS Team by improving the quality of the engagements while increasing the volume of actions.

TIG #50: Customer Success KPIs That Work

Stop measuring your team against KPIs that aren’t driving value for customers. Here is how to define metrics that work.

TIG #49: The Missing Ingredient in Your Land and Expand Strategy

When you ignore Change Management at the user level, your risk of losing customers increases drastically.

TIG #48: Success Plans That Work

If delivering Customer Outcomes is a top priority for you, it’s time to invest in Success Plans that work!

TIG #47: Redesigning CS Teams for Long-term Growth and Success

You can’t unlock new results without rethinking your team structure. Let’s explore ways to redesign your CS team to maximise performance.

TIG #46: 3 CS Programs to Drive NRR in 2024

Want to avoid cancellations and downgrades, while growing customers sustainably? Check out these 3 strategies.

TIG #45: The Customer Success Trends ’24 Report is here!

600 CS Leaders shared their top priorities and challenges for next year. How does your ’24 strategy compare?

TIG #44: Scale CS Without Losing GRR and NRR

In the process of scaling CS, we often sacrifice effectiveness for efficiency. To break this cycle, you need to think differently.

TIG #43: A 7-Stage Customer Journey To Drive Success Proactively

Don’t leave the success of your customers to chance. Use this 7-stage Customer Journey to pave the way to great results.

TIG #42: 3 Roles To Scale Your Customer Success Team

You can’t scale your CS team without rethinking the roles you hire for. Here are 3 key roles and how to secure investment for them.

TIG #40: How to Automate EBRs for CS Teams

Reduce the time to create EBRs from hours to seconds, and maximise the number of customers you can proactively communicate value to!

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