About me

Over the last decade, I helped Scale-Ups and Fortune 500 businesses build and scale global customer success teams to service 100K+ customers and to $1.5B+ ARR.

It all started with an eureka moment I had in 2011: If we focus on delivering value to our customers, we won’t just retain their business, we will capture more and more of their demand.

Backed by this belief, I spent 4 years helping build a CS as a Service business. We generated thousands of SuccessQLs for our customers and proved early on that Customer Success could be a revenue driver.

By focusing on Customer-Led-Growth I’ve helped businesses I work with achieve 130%+ NRR.

Since that light-bulb moment, I’ve dedicated my time to building and scaling Customer Success teams to be the second engine of growth for tech-businesses.

Today I head up Customer Success for HubSpot’s second largest region alongside running a boutique CS consulting service. When I’m not consulting, I’m writing the This is Growth Newsletter, recording a podcast, and mentoring leaders.

If you want to hash out ideas in a podcast or at a virtual event or hire me to speak to your team or company, then let’s chat