TIG #25: How to start with Digital Customer Success

Digital Customer Success is a strategy, not a segment. But we can’t always start big, so newsletter will help you get off the ground!

TIG #24: 3 Ideas To Improve CS and Sales Alignment

Customer Success and Sales should be tightly aligned, but they are often not. Here are 3 simple ideas to improve this important relationship today.

TIG #23: 2 Bold Bets Your CS Team Should Make

Times are hard, that’s why you need to think outside the box and invest in bold ideas that can transform your Customer Success strategy.

TIG #22: Customer Effort Score – Should I Be Measuring It?

CES can be a great way to find process friction and improve the customer journey. But can it tell you anything about retention?

TIG #21: Delivering Customer Outcomes Consulting At Scale

Supercharge your customer’s outcomes at scale by delivering actionable insights on key jobs to be done directly where users work.

TIG #20: Do We Really Need Customer Journey Maps?

Learn how to leverage your Customer Journey map to make incremental improvements that will transform the customer experience for the better.

TIG #19: 3 Steps To Run Effective 1:1s With Your CSMs

1:1s are at the core of a manager’s operating rhythm. Make the most out of them by focusing on numbers, actions and feedback.

TIG #18: Level-Up Your Customer Segmentation

Service your customers in a way that drives outcomes and is financially feasible by taking your segmentation strategy to the next level.

TIG #17: Should CSMs Be Accountable For NRR?

There is no question that NRR is the north star metric of Customer Success. But should our individual CSMs be measured on it?

TIG #16: The Simplest And Most Effective NRR Forecasting Tool

Learn how to build a simple NRR forecast tool that will work whether you are on excel, in a CRM or use a CS platform.

TIG #15: Build An Alert System To Shift From Reactive To Proactive With Little To No Investment

If you think you need a fancy tech stack to build an engine for proactive work, think again. Learn how you can make a simple start.

TIG #14: Scaling Your CSMs Autonomy To Solve For The Customer

Scaling doesn’t have to make your CS team slow and unresponsive to customer needs. You can scale and remain flexible using these 3 steps.

TIG #13: 3 Steps To Define And Measure Customer Outcomes

Demonstrating that your product helps drive outcomes for customers is a must-have in today’s environment. Here is how you can do it.

TIG #12: How To Scale Your Internal CS Communication

Frustrated at the level at which your team assimilates information? The key to solving this issue is to bring structure and focus.

TIG #11:  Important Lessons on Target Setting

Getting targets right for your CS team can be the difference between the success and failure of your strategy. Optimise it for success.

TIG #10: A Simple Way To Improve Customer Engagement

Your customers are overwhelmed by communication. Stand out and cut through the noise using this actionable tip.

TIG #9: 3 tips to improve the efficiency of your high-touch CSM teams

Invest in processes and systems that will help CSMs spend more time customer-facing, and less time doing administrative tasks.

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