Build and Scale a Revenue Generating Customer Success Team in 2024.

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What leaders are saying about the Customer Success Leadership Consulting

Martin Reichenbach

CEO of Apaleo

Daphne has been crucial in our process of understanding the scope and the progression of a world class Customer Success organisation. Always being able to refer to her own proven practise inside great Customer Success teams, she is able to guide with clarity and allow all seniority levels to understand the priorities. We are counting on her as our trusted advisor in the field of Customer Success.

Matheus Gomes

Chief People Officer of Evercam

Daphne came to help us design and structure our Customer Success department from scratch. She was present from hire 1 to growing our team to 5 members serving our customers in more than 10 countries. Daphne helped the business understand customer success as a second growth engine, implement processes and systems to establish the customer success practice and define and track key measures of success of the CS department.

Emmet Gibney

CEO of Rewardful

My knowledge and to a certain extent my confidence around customer success is limited to what I’ve learned on my own. I left our conversation feeling more confident around what we need from a candidate, what we should test for with our assignment, and what we need to do to help them be successfully onboarded.


Drive Sustainable Revenue Growth From Your Current Customers.

  • Create An Upstoppable Proactive Customer Success Team.

Learn and improve the tools and techniques that helps your team be truly proactive. We will discuss Success Plans, Enterprise Business Reviews, Renewal Preparation and more!

  • Structure Your Customer Success Team For Scale.

Architect your Customer Success team for scale by implementing the key programmes that will help you break linear growth without losing on retention.

  • Define Metrics and Incentives That Align With Value Delivery.

Implement KPIs and Metrics that will drive the right behaviour for your team and incentivise value delivery.

  • Define, Measure and Deliver Tangible Customer Outcomes.

Learn how to use tested methodologies to define customer outcomes and design a Customer Success programme that will deliver tangible results for customers.

  • Design Customer Journeys That Incentivise Expansion.

Break free from the cookie-cutter CS processes by designing a bespoke Customer Journey that helps customers achieve their goals and grow with your business.

  • Create Customer Success Roles, Competencies and Career Paths.

Bring clarity to your CS team’s roles and responsibilities by defining core-competencies and development paths.

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Forget boring classroom-style sessions, here you own the agenda. The sessions are an open canvas and safe space for leaders to discuss Customer Success tactics and strategies with an expert.


There’s enough fluff out there. The goal of each call is to leave you with practical solutions that fit your unique business challenge and opportunities and that you can start implementing straight away.


Not every company needs hundreds of hours of consulting. Sometimes all you need is access to an expert to discuss best practices and validate ideas. That’s why you can buy individual sessions.

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