Let’s build your second growth engine together!

I asked Daphne to be a main speaker at the Customer Success Europe event. I was looking for someone who could deliver an engaging talk and interact with the audience. She did not disappoint. Throughout her presentation, it was clear that Customer Success Leadership is a subject that Daphne is both passionate and expert in. Her talk entitled “Culture + Process + Technology are the key to Customer Success”, was delivered with energy and authority. Looking forward to her next presentation!

Peter Lyon

VP Customer Success – Poppulo

Daphne has been crucial in our process of understanding the scope and the progression of a world class Customer Success organisation.

Always being able to refer to her own proven practise inside great Customer Success teams, she is able to guide with clarity and allow all seniority levels to understand the priorities.

We are counting on her as our trusted advisor in the field of Customer Success.

Martin Reichenbach

Founder & CEO of Apaleo

Daphne came to help us design and structure our Customer Success department from scratch.
She was present from hire 1 to growing our team to 5 members serving our customers in more than 10 countries.
Daphne helped the business understand customer success as a second growth engine, implement processes and systems to establish the customer success practice and define and track key measures of success of the CS department.

Matheus Gomes

Chief People Officer – Evercam


The Customer Success 360 Framework

client Experience

✔️ Design a simple and effective Customer Journey

✔️ Advance your Customer Segmentation

✔️ Create profitable and effective service models

cs infrastructure

✔️ Implement standard CS processes

✔️ Proactively identify risks and opportunities

✔️ Scale the CS team using technology


✔️ Define key roles and competencies

✔️ Design Career Paths for the CS Team

✔️ Implement effective incentives and compensation

metrics OF SUCCESS

✔️ Understand the drivers of CS performance

✔️ Track your Customer’s ROI and Outcomes

✔️ Measure the impact of your CS Program

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