TIG #39: Build The Ultimate CSM Incentive Program

A simple Incentive Programme that motivates CSMs to prioritise the right work and create a ton of value for customers and the business.

TIG #38: The 8 Skills Every CSM Should Develop

Help high-potential candidates develop into great CSMs by focusing on helping them develop 8 core skills.

TIG #37: Tailor Your Customer Experience At Scale Using Personas 🚀

Combining personas and Jobs to Be Done is the key to unlocking a tailored customer experience for your customers. Here’s how to get started.

TIG #36: Create a Movement. Increase Customer Engagement.

We’re all struggling to get customer engagement.  The key to getting customers to connect is to create a movement that helps drive success.

TIG #35: 3 Practical Ways To Start Using AI to scale your CS team

Everyone is talking about AI, but how can you use it to scale Customer Success? Here are 3 practical ways for you to start using AI now.

TIG #34: A Customer Segmentation Strategy That Helps You Scale Better

How CS Teams can improve their segmentation strategy and organise in a more dynamic way to scale better and drive better customer outcomes.a

TIG #33: Maximise the adoption of your CS Playbooks

Surprising insights on why CSMs are not using your CS playbooks. Followed by lessons & tips to drive adoption!

TIG #32: Scaling Customer Education To Drive Engagement and Retention

Why are the tried and tested tools and industry best practices for scaling customer education not working for you?

TIG #31: Want To Understand The Impact Of Your CS Strategy? Here is how.

With teams burning out and customers yearning for more value, it’s a moment to question the effectiveness of our strategies.

TIG #30: 8 Guiding Principles For Creating Content That Drives Customer Outcomes 📝

Creating content your customers want to consume is the key to unlocking your growth. These principles will get you there.

TIG #29: Mastering Customer Success – The 5 Laws to Drive Exceptional Results! 🚀

Discover the 5 Laws to Drive Revenue Retention: Engagement, Adoption, Outcomes, Experience, and Time to Value.

TIG #28: Fixing The Deceptive Nature of The Churn Rate

Growth can distort the true picture of retention and keep you focused on the wrong thing. Here’s how to fix it.

TIG #27: How To Monetise Your Customer Success Team

What if charging for CS could improve engagement and adoption, deliver better customer outcomes and enhance the experience all in one?

TIG #26: Minimising The Cost Of Customer Transfers

Optimise your transfer process with 2 essential tools that enhance the customer experience and mitigate churn risk.

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