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In this podcast we help you build and scale Customer Success to become the second growth engine of your business. Experts share their secrets to help you unlock the next level of performance of your Customer Success team while focusing on the most important aspect of CS: delivering customer outcomes.

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Season 2: Building and Scaling A Modern Customer Success Team

These conversations will unlock the next level of performance of your Customer Success team while focusing on the most important aspect of CS: delivering customer outcomes. Learn from the experts, the people who have been there and done that. Each episode will be packed with tips, honest discussions, and best practices that will take you one step closer to the holy grail of a Scaled Customer Success organisation.

S02 #09 Where Product Management and Customer Success Meet with the founders of Women of CS

Join me as I sit down with Laura Kassapakis, Product Manager at Front, and Lauren Salanitro, CS Leader at Cascade. These Aussie trailblazers are the brains behind Women of Customer Success, a thriving community with over 9,000 members!

S02 #08 Automate Your Enterprise Business Reviews

In this episode, we dive deep into the realm of EBR automation with not one but two seasoned experts who have transformed the game for Customer Success Managers (CSMs). Hear from Nikola Mijic, the CEO of Matik and Brian Savage, a Senior Automation Analyst at HubSpot and learn how you can automate the creation of any presentations!

S02 #07 Ryan Seams on Customer Success in a Product-Led-Growth Company

Ryan Seams, Senior Director of Customer Success and Services at Mixpanel is here to help us understand how a CS team works when a business is largely product-led. He has spent the last 9 years in this space and has learned a ton of lessons that he is sharing with us, so we don’t have to make the same mistakes as we scale

S02 #06 Scaling Customer Success: Answers To The 3 Burning Questions

In our very first solo episode, your host Daphne Lopes, tackles 3 burning questions about scaling Customer Success: Is scaled Customer Success right for your business? What’s the right time to start scaling your CS team? What is the optimal sequence of events to go from 100% human touch to scaled CS?

S02 #05 Mickey Powell on How Customer Success Professionals Can Leverage Generative AI

This month we are sitting down with Mickey Powell, the CS visionary behind UpdateAI, to explore a revolutionary development that’s changing the landscape of customer success – the integration of generative AI, specifically ChatGPT, into the daily lives of Customer Success Professionals.

S02 #04 Jeff Breunsbach on Unleashing the Power of Content and Community To Scale Customer Success

In this episode, we delve into the transformative power of content and community to drive CS to new heights. Jeff shares his experience, offering invaluable insights on how to effectively expand customer success initiatives while maintaining a personal touch. Discover the key strategies, tools, and learn how you can apply them to your own organisation.

S02 #03 Margaret Harrison on Mastering Change Management To Drive Results

In this episode, we discuss the psychology of change and why it can be so difficult to navigate it. We dive into simple and effective approaches to driving transformative change for your team and customers alike. And we leave you with 3 proven tactics to achieve successful change outcomes.

S02 #02: What Makes A Great CS Leader with Jan Young

Jan blends the purpose of CS leadership with agile methodologies, business acumen and emotional intelligence, she brings a powerful and fresh perspective to the discussion of the role of a CS leader. Tune in for a deep dive into storytelling, Customer Journeys and how to leverage emerging technologies.

S02 #01: Marija Skobe-Pilley on How She Thinks About Scaling CS At ClickUp

Director of Customer Success at Click up and the founder of Women in Customer Success, Marija shares tips on how to scale effectively, what roles are most important, building communities and more. You will leave this session with a ton of golden nuggets that you can apply immediately to your teams.

S02 Teaser: Helping you build and scale modern Customer Success Teams

Welcome to season 2 of the This is Growth Podcast! I want to help you go from Customer Success to Efficient Customer Success and then reach the holy grail of a truly Scaled CS organisation. Listen to find out how!

Season 1: Growing Your Career

Ever looked at someone’s career and wondered ‘how did they get there?’. This podcast is here to shine a light on the unseen parts of career development. Guests will share their failures and lessons, the mindset that helped them succeed and how they think about work-life harmony when leading demanding careers.

EP #09: Career Advice from a Rockstar with Padraic McMahon

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Customer Success Veteran and former guitarist/bassist in the platinum-selling band The Thrills, to answer 4 listeners’ career dilemmas: How do you know you’re in the right career path? I keep getting rejected for roles I feel like I am qualified for. What can I do to get the job? Should I stay in this company or should I go? Is management right for me?

EP #08: Landing on your feet with Shane Stenson

When life throws us a punch, it hurts. There are no two ways about it. But it also presents us with an opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, pause, and reflect.  It gives us space to explore interests, and relaunch with intentionality.  Shane Stenson, Team Lead and Principal Customer Success Manager at HubSpot, shows us that a growth mindset is not just about climbing the career ladder, but a way to approach life.   In this episode, we talk about the roadblocks and hiccups in our careers, and about landing on our feet.

EP #07: Taking the Leap – Customer Success rep turned founder with Brian Mackey

Forget the corporate ladder, let’s talk about entrepreneurship. Brian Mackey, Co-Founder of the technology agency Baskey, is living proof that you can pursue your ambition to work for yourself, even if you don’t have a safety net. In this episode, we explore how he went from busking in the streets of Dublin to support himself during college, to landing roles in Support and Customer Success and more recently, becoming his own boss.

EP #06: When Hard Work Meets Passion with Phil McHugh

It’s easier to excel when we do the things we are passionate about. For the final episode of the year, I interviewed Phil McHugh, Senior Director of Customer Success at Hubspot, a.k.a my boss. On the path from computer science drop-out to advertising and then technology, Phil reflects on the importance of knowing what you don’t want, how he discovered a passion for advertising, moving to the U.S., saying “yes” to a weird proposition and more. Phil is a storyteller, you won’t want this one to end.

EP #05: Why You Should Manage Your Career Like a Business with Maggie Bomze

You are the CEO of your life. So why aren’t you managing your career as a business? Maggie Bomze, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Hubspot, started her professional journey by breaking the job-hunting mould and tweeting the CEO of an agency she admired and later convincing them to create a role for her.In this episode, we discuss how to best market and sell yourself, and talk through strategies to help you frame your career as a series of investments you make into your future self.

EP #04: Growing a Career in Sales with Seona Tully

You don’t have to choose between growing your career and your personal priorities. Seona Tully, Director of Sales at Hubspot talks about the importance of goal orientation, a growth mindset, and a coaching environment to build a successful career. She shares the story of how she fell in love with sales, talks candidly about her transition from an individual contributor into management, and sheds a light on what it looks like to be a highly effective leader and also a mum.

EP #03: Breaking into Management with Finbar O’Grady

Breaking into management can seem like an impossible task. Finbar O’Grady climbed the Customer Success ladder all the way from Services Specialist to Principal Manager at Hubspot, and we got to learn how he did it! This episode is filled with sound advice and practical tips from one of the best in the business. If your goal is to grow into management or get inspired to bring your performance a notch up, this podcast is for you.

EP #02: From Public Relations to Customer Experience Leadership with Kelsey Balimtas

If you think a successful career is linear, think again. This month’s guest, Kelsey Balimtas, has built an impressive career that spans PR, Customer Success, Employee Enablement and Customer Experience. But was it all strategically laid out? Absolutely not. It was a discovery journey. In her own words,  “Career journeys are not ladders they are lattices. You sorta have to move sideways, take small steps, and sometimes you need to take a step back. But ultimately, if everything you are doing is ins service of building more positive habits, more positive behaviours, you are growing”.

EP #01: From Customer Success to Product Management with Robbie McFarlane

How does a Channel Consultant become a Product Manager? In this month’s episode of This is Growth, I had a conversation with Robbie McFarlane, an Associate Product Manager at Hubspot. Believe it or not, there was a time when Robbie didn’t even know what a Product Manager was. In this episode, we will chat through his journey from Channel Consultant, working with Hubspot’s EMEA partners, to Program Manager, and now, Product Manager.

EP #00: Welcome to This is Growth!

Ever looked at someone’s career and wondered ‘how did they get there?’. This podcast is here to shine a light on the unseen parts of career development. Guests will share their failures and lessons, the mindset that helped them succeed and how they think about work-life harmony when leading demanding careers.