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This is Growth!

A podcast where I dive into the story of people who are building successful careers in technology.


Services to help companies deliver more value to customers and drive growth, sustainably.


Virtual and In-Person events where I share knowledge on how to build a growth engine for your business.

a note from daphne

The Future of Growth is Customer Success.

The success of your customers compound. A healthy Revenue Retention will fuel growth exponentially. When you invest in building a world class customer success program, you are multiplying the lifetime value of your customers and future-proofing your business.

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I asked Daphne to be a main speaker at the Customer Success Europe event. I was looking for someone who could deliver an engaging talk and interact with the audience. She did not disappoint. Throughout her presentation, it was clear that Customer Success Leadership is a subject that Daphne is both passionate and expert in.

– Peter Lyon